Meet the team

We are the leadership team of Virtual Sky Avaition. Please if you have any questions or have any ideas to improve this organization; please reach out.

Russell Pickron

CEO: Virtual Sky Aviation

Responsible for safe and efficient operations through-out all divisions.

Kaj Hallstrom

CEO: Delta Virtual, LFPG HUB Manager

DVA Event Manager

Charles Schweitzer

VSA Airline Division Operations Manager

Responsible for all operations associated with the VSA/DVA Airline Division.

Frank White

General Aviation Division Operations Manager

Responsible for all General Aviation related Operations.

Steve Stoler

DVA Administrator

Responsible for administrative actions for DVA pilots.

David Huey

Atlanta Hartsfield (KATL) HUB Manager

Responsible for all KATL HUB Operations

Salvatore Bongiovanni

KSEA HUB Manager

Seattle / Tacoma HUB Manager

Shadow Pickron

Administrative Assistant

Provides Morale Support to all Leadership and Pilots. He also retrieves the mail.